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A level Chinese Tuition

Unconfident and uneasy about sitting for
your H1 Chinese Exams?

Unlike other subjects, we found out that mother tongue do not accord as much attention from students in preparation for their A levels.

However, universities such as NUS,NTU & SMU require that students attain a minimum prerequisite grade for A level chinese in order to be accepted into any courses offered by the school.

A level chinese tuition

A level chinese tuition

Therefore, a situation whereby students achieve stellar grades for maths, science and other h2 subjects but being unable

to get into their preferred course in university because of an unsatisfactory grade for chinese is highly undesirable. We do not want a single subject of mother tongue to jeopardize our entire future.

That said, you do not need to spend literally all your study time on preparing for chinese exams. You only need to spend your time wisely and appropriately to maximize your effort, allowing you to focus on other core subjects. This can be done with the help of proper guidance on what to focus on, how to study and where are you not doing well.

Request A level Chinese tuition to maximize my limited time and effort now! 

H1 Chinese consist of 2 papers. First paper is the Language section which is 80 per cent while oral and listening takes up the remaining. Encapsulated within the 80 per cent is essay writing constituting 30 per cent of the total marks of the subject. It is relatively heavy as compared to the other segments.

Essay writing is found to be the no.1 killer pulling down the grades of most A level students.

There are a few reasons why essay writing is so important in A level Chinese.

  • Essay writing reflects how capable you are in expressing yourself for a given topic. You are required to translate your story or thoughts into words which is clear and understandable.
  • Essay writing also shows how you organize the flow of the story. You have to structure your introduction, main contents as well as the conclusion in a logical and presentable manner.
  • Essay writing is also a way to show how well do you apply the vocabulary, phrase or idioms learnt from the classes.

Your weakness may be in a different area such as Comprehension, but it cannot be solved if you do NOTHING about it. The earlier you start, the more time you will have in preparing for the exams. A chinese tutor helps greatly in this aspect.

Start my Chinese Tuition to ace my a levels chinese !

By engaging a Chinese Tutor, you will get help in:

1. Understanding the structure of the A level Chinese exam with the explanation from tutor. He/ She will share some insight on which part you should focus for your exam according to your strength and weakness.
2. Assistance in Essay writing, from understanding the topic, generating content ideas, article structuring as well as suggestion of suitable words or idioms to be used. List of highlighted topic will be shared and practicing will be conducted under his supervision.
3. A mentor to practise your speaking and listening. By conducting the tuition in Mandarin, your oral and listening skill will definitely improve

4. Revision on the lesson learnt from school as well as practicing of past year paper.

5. Aquiring the motivation and discipline to study hard.

We have seen students breaking down after receiving their chinese results which seals their fate of not getting into their desired course in university. Start taking Action to avoid any regrets.

FranklTuition provides chinese tutors who have achieved proven results of helping many students pass their A levels chinese with flying colors.

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Tutor Qualification Junior College
A-level Graduate SGD 30-35
Undergraduate/NIE Trainee SGD 35-40
Graduate/Full-time Tutor SGD 38-45
Current/Ex Teacher SGD 55-100
*Tuition rates (hourly) above serves as a guideline only.

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