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Looking at enhancing your career prospects?

Want to be able to converse with chinese fluently?

Keen to know more about the vast chinese culture and history ?

After the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the world has seen an exponential increase in the number of chinese learners, especially in Europe and USA.  Thousands of chinese language schools are formed, resulting in a massive surge in demand for chinese language experts. Parents began learning chinese along with their kids after they recognize the tremendous benefits that it offers.

As soon as China opens up their economy and started welcoming foreign investment, countless amount of capital has been flowing into the country. This calls for the need for chinese language speakers and people who understands the chinese culture. More local companies are hiring employees with chinese expertise in order to explore or liaise with China market. Even the government is calling for citizens to be proficient in chinese.

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Why should we have Adult Chinese home Tuition?

In Asia society, we often place our career before most things and typically work late into the night. This leaves very little time for our social activities and even resting, let alone picking up a new language. Nonetheless, we are all aware of the importance of enriching ourselves to enhance our career prospects.

We can achieve the best of both worlds by hiring a quality chinese tuition teacher who travels to your place to conduct home tuition at your comfort. On top of that, their flexible schedule enables them to accommodate your preferred timing of availability to conduct tuition.

As a Home Tuition specialist,  FranklTuition provides a huge pool of home tutors around the island who specialize in coaching of adults with no knowledge of mandarin to the level of high proficiency. They come with years of experience and are carefully selected to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the chinese tuition provided.

Common myths

I’m too old to be able to pick up any language. This is something we hear all too often.

And Yes, we do not deny the fact that kids learn fast and their ability to pick up a new language is better than their parents. That does not mean We Adults stand no chance!

adult chinese tuition

adult chinese tuition

We have seen so many success stories of mature adults transforming from a mandarin amateur to a fluent 

 conversationalist that we find it a cliche to repeat that it is possible. One of our client is a Caucasian working as a banker in a top bank in Singapore. He approached us to request for a chinese tutor to develop himself to perform beyond the requirements of his job.  We assigned him with a tutor who is bilingual and familiar with banking terminologies in chinese based on his profile.

Several months later, our client is able to present himself in mandarin to his chinese clients. Though not perfect, he impresses them with his willingness to go the extra mile. He continues to undergo chinese tuition once a week to make sure he does not lose touch. It also provides him with a channel to speak standard chinese without fear of being criticized or laughed at. By doing so, he gets instant feedback on corrections to his pronunciations and word usage so that he could improve very quickly.

He proves that it is possible to pick up chinese regardless of what our barriers and circumstances are preventing us from doing us. With the appropriate assistance, adults can pick up chinese language sometimes even faster than their younger counterparts because of their grasp of an existing native language that serves as a medium of instruction.

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Below are the types of chinese tuition for working adults usually being requested.

Conversational Chinese
The objective is to give a headstart to the student in learning chinese. The goal is to ensure that the student is capable in daily conversational skill in Mandarin with chinese people.

The suggested syllabus is as such:

  • Introduction of Chinese language in Singapore Foundation of pronounciation (Hanyu pinyin) & Foundation of Charater (Hanzi)
  • Daily conversation:
  • Self introduction & Greeting
  • Frequently used term: Number, colour, time, weather…
  • How to order food?
  • How to get there?
  • Can you help me in…?
  • Experience sharing in speaking Mandarin in Singapore

Business Chinese
The objective is to teach business-used proper Chinese to non native students who have basic foundation in learning Chinese. The goal is to ensure that the student is capable of speaking proper Chinese not only in Singapore but also in China with general business term in Mandarin.

The suggested syllabus is below:

  • Introduction of Chinese language in Singapore & China
  • Revision of pronunciation & Character – (Hanyu pinyin & Hanzi)
  • Business conversation:
  • Self introduction & Greeting
  • Frequently used term: Number, colour, time, weather…

(Business Chinese Lesson will be customized to suit the context of different industries)

*Note that the above are just general suggested syllabus covered in adults Chinese tuition. You may request for additional items to be taught by the tutor. Individual tutor also has varying styles of teaching chinese, depending on the level of student.

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