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Translate: Reported by Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao” on 16 Sept 2011, on the launching ceremony of the Chinese version of “Lee Kuan Yew: Hard Truths to keep Singapore Going”, Singapore’s former Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew said that to survive in Singapore, it will be very hard without English (capability); (but) without Chinese, you will regret. This is not because of the rise of China, yet is because “you have to understand your roots“.

Why learn Chinese ? 

  • The trend of learning Chinese has caught on the entire world like an epidemic.
    Chinese language is now easily the language with the highest take-up rate in the world, with non-chinese  icking up the language by the millions.

    chinese tuition

    Chinese tuition

  • After the Economic Reform and Opening up of China in 1978, Chinese economy went on stellar rise that never looked back. 2008 World financial crisis and the economic downturn in Europe & US ensued, while China continued growing and became the 2nd largest economic county in 2011, predicted to overtake America in mere 20 years time.
  • 1 out 5 people in the world is speaking Chinese as their native language. With 1.3 billion population, China is the largest market in the world which any prominent company yearns to penetrate and to gain market share. Effects of globalization mandates us to have decent proficiency in mandarin in order to be of market value to top premier companies.
  • Singapore is widely regarded as a bridge between the east and the west. Western Companies leverage on Singapore’s paramount physical location as headquarters to reach out to the east and entire Asia. Therefore, talents with a grasp of both chinese and english are highly sought after.
  • It is not surprising to know that some Multinational companies and top banks conduct their interviews in not only english, but chinese as well. They look for candidates who are eloquent in both language. It is now a requirement in job search to be able to articulate in mandarin.

    Sign up for Chinese Tuition now to equip myself for challenges of the new era !

Learning Chinese in Singapore
Chinese is a language that lies under the category of mother tongue subject in Singapore’s education system. This is alongside other languages including Malay and Tamil. Students are allowed to choose the type of mother tongue language in which they like to take up in School. We are seeing a trend where many non-chinese students who are Caucasians, Indians or of other races opting to study chinese as their mother tongue subject. This helps in aligning the multi-ethnicity of Singapore’s population.

With more than 80% of Singaporeans speaking mandarin, it is not easy to get by a day without communicating in this language, whether in the hawker centre, the retail store or even the hair salon. It is undeniable that the ability to speak chinese helps in building relationships with our fellow countrymen.

Many of us, working parents have experienced the importance of Chinese language in our career. For the sake of children’s future, parents in Singapore are pulling all stops to raise the language capability of their children. However, unfortunately most of us lack the expertise or time to impart the needed skills to our kids, or even to cultivate interest to begin with.

Recognizing that mastery in this language will bring us far in life, our government has also revamped the curriculum in 2011 to improve its practicality.

Request for a chinese tutor now to gain an advantage over my peers !

Frankl Tuition is not about to lag behind. To equip our clients with essential ability to tackle the challenges of the 21st Century, we suss out the best chinese tutors for your chinese learning needs.

We understand you might need help in:
1.Giving your pre-school kid an environment as well as good start to get familiar with Chinese language
2. Score well in your school’s Chinese Exam
3. To start learning Chinese as a language. It is never too late to start.
4. Strengthen the Mandarin conversational skill especially business Chinese
5. To understand the vast Chinese culture & philosophy

Why should you choose us?
We at Frankl Tuition Agency, provide a one-stop private home tuition matching service for students to carry on the Chinese learning journey for all levels – pre-school Chinese nurturing, primary to secondary school Chinese tuition assignment, as well as Adult Chinese 1-to-1 courses.

With us, you are able to

  • tap on our huge pool of tutor database including Ex/Current School teachers, full time tutor, NIE candidate, graduates or undergraduates based on your preferences.
  • learn from qualified tutors who have access to support resources provided by Frankl Tuition Agency.
  • learn from native speakers of mandarin with passion and commitment in teaching.
  • Learn to appreciate Chinese through its huge heritage & culture and cultivate a keen sense of interest!
  • be assigned with the most suitable tutor at reasonable rates according to your request & requirements within ONE day.

A word in Chinese:

chinese word

 “In order to be successful, you have to first sharpen your saw ”. Here at FranklTuition, our goal is to help you sharpen your mental saw with all the resources you need.  We look forward to hearing your success story very soon. Request from FranklTuition.sg now for a better future for your kids or yourself.

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Your child will have an easier time when he grows up if he/she were to undertake pre-school chinese tuition to build up fundamentals and get exposed to chinese at young age. Scoring for PSLE will not be a problem when your child is equipped with the essential skillsets with primary chinese tuition.

O level mother tongue involves composition and comprehension which requires technique that could be perfected with secondary chinese tuition.

Take A level chinese tuition to expand your vocabulary of chinese words to at least several thousand words if you were to ace your A level Chinese.

Learning something new can be a chore once we have step into the working world, having adults chinese tuition with us lessens your burden with an effective chinese tutor to enable you to pick up practical and useful chinese quickly.

Tutor Qualification Primary Lower Secondary Upper Secondary Junior College
Diploma SGD 16-20 SGD 18-20 SGD 25-30 NA
A-level Graduate SGD 18-20 SGD 20-25 SGD 25-30 SGD 30-35
Undergraduate/NIE Trainee SGD 18-22 SGD 24-29 SGD 28-35 SGD 35-40
Graduate/Full-time Tutor SGD 24-30 SGD 22-35 SGD 28-40 SGD 35-45
Current/Ex Teacher SGD 35-50 SGD 40-60 SGD 45-80 SGD 55-100
*Tuition rates (hourly) above serves as a guideline only.

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