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Chemistry: a compound substance of sciences and arts?

You chose chemistry as one of your content subjects in junior college probably because you were doing well for the O-level chemistry. You thought that the momentum of learning could just continue on a strong foundation laid in your secondary school. But you may have been taken aback at how much more difficult the subject can suddenly become. The learning curve for chemistry is like the pH value function. The JC chemistry corresponds to the neutral region around 7 where the gradient is the steepest.


But don’t be put off by the reality. Though chemistry is one of the hardest subjects in JC, it is also one of the most popular. We have seen students, with the right amount of help, getting distinction in the A-level examination. We have also seen students who continue to pursue chemistry-related majors in university and enter lucrative industries such as pharmaceutical business after they graduate. Are you one of them? Do you want to become one of them? We are ready to help you achieve your goal.


It’s just getting more difficult

One of the major reasons that contribute to the steeper learning curve is that the concepts taught in JC chemistry require higher order thinking. The secondary chemistry centers around concepts such as colors of a substance, heat release and others that are intuitive and easy to relate to. But the JC curriculum demands more abstract or refined thinking from students. The same concepts can be taught all over again, with more scientific explanation. For example, the changes of temperature in a chemical reaction are now explained in terms of energy diagram. The concepts may look deceptively similar, but the content learnt is very different. Hence, students may not be mentally prepared for the more vigorous approach to explaining the chemical phenomena. If you encounter such a problem, it is advisable that you take up JC chemistry tuition with a tutor who is at the top of the learning curve to explain the concepts to you. Difficult and abstract concepts require repetitive explanation so that understanding can be reinforced. Our home tutor has the patience to answer your questions and go through your problems one by one. It is something that school environment cannot provide, something which will put you ahead of the competition when you have more doubts clarified and more concepts firmly grasped.

 The learning curve for chemistry is like the pH value function. The JC chemistry corresponds to the neutral region around 7 where the gradient is the steepest.

More things to memorize?

The second major difficulty in learning JC chemistry is that the amount of concepts that need to be learnt almost grows exponentially from the ones you saw in a secondary school textbook. JC chemistry teachers usually rely on their own notes for teaching and you can be surprised at how thick the pile of notes looks like at the end of J2. What’s more, since chemistry is very detailed oriented, literally each line of your teacher’s notes is important and potentially examinable. The sheer quantity of concepts deters some students. If you have learnt the chapters on the organics, you will be amazed at how complex the relationships between different organic substances are. One substance can be converted to the other with a right set of condition, and the whole organic system can be captured in a messy mind-map with arrows shooting here and there. This is the time where you can call in the help of a tutor who has been through the mental challenge before and can fully empathize with your situation. The tutor can help you create a good, clear mind-map that aids your memorization. Moreover, for other less integrated concepts from inorganic chemistry, your tutor can also help you cement the memory of the reaction conditions, or colors of substances. Your tutor knows which detail on your notes is more likely to be examined, so that you won’t ignore it in the sea of words. Learning becomes more efficient with an external help solely devoted to your academic needs.


You still have to answer the questions

Now we have come to the last part of the challenges: answering techniques. You may have often heard about the phrase from your chemistry tutor, but it may seem elusive to you. Your classmates who get admirable grades are not necessarily working harder; but they definitely know how to answer questions with the knowledge they have. Hence it is absolutely important to know how to answer the questions. Chemistry has some of its peculiar format of assessment. For example, the inference question gives you comprehensive description of the behavior of a substance and asks you to deduce what it is step by step. Many specific skills are involved in such a unique type of question and you will benefit from knowing how to apply them from having practices at home beside a tutor who will give you immediate feedback on your learning. Moreover, chemistry is also (in)famous for its tricky questions, particularly the MCQs. But don’t worry. An experienced tutor will tell you what are the potential tricky points and you can avoid them in advance. Examination will be a time when you shine!


We understand that chemistry is difficult. But at the end of the day, it is still a science subject. Hence it is logical and structured. The one who grasps its internal logic of thinking and the ways of examination will get to the top of the bell-curve. We wish you to be at the top and we believe you can. Sign up with our JC chemistry tuition today and unleash your potential as a chemistry student!


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