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Chemistry Tuition

It may not be a mess of confusion

Chemistry is one of the most popular subjects in secondary schools. It is an interesting subject that offers many opportunities for amazing experiments

Chemistry Tuition

Chemistry Tuition

and they usually arouse the curiosity of students. Besides, the rising chemical industry in Singapore can also be a strong motivation for students to take the subject in secondary schools. While chemistry is an intellectually engaging subject that offers a good career prospect, many students find themselves struggling for exams. They tend to complain that chemistry is confusing and hard to understand. The heavy memorization work also seems to go against the current philosophy of education. What complicates the problem is that chemistry exam is among the more difficult ones during the O-levels or N-levels. Hence, if your child has challenges in learning chemistry, it is all the more important that your child receive appropriate guidance so as to do well in an increasingly competitive environment.

 Why is chemistry difficult ?? 

  • If you ask your child what is the greatest difficulty he or she is facing in learning chemistry, the answer may be that the subject is very confusing. All the concepts learned seem to be a huge mess without a clear structure and logical flow. It is admitted by the professional educators of chemistry that chemistry has less clear structure because it is more detail oriented, unlike physics or mathematics that center primarily on logic. However, that does not mean having a structure in learning is impossible. Mind map is an extremely useful tool for chemistry learning, as the flexibility of the mind map allows the accommodation of details. We suggest that your child do a mind map after each chapter, including all the important details and using arrows to link all the relevant details together. Your child may want to use online softwares like mindmeister to facilitate the making of an easy-to-read mind map.
  • Having a home tutor for your child will give him or her a more structured learning. Our home tutors are people who have been through the system and have had a complete framework of the content. They are able to give your child a big picture of chemistry by showing how different segments of the subject are related to each other. Our home tutor can also help your child draw mind maps that are critical to the learning. Bearing the big picture in mind, our tutor is able to point out the missing details or links in the maps.
  • Many of the exam questions focus in integration of knowledge, so a more complete, better structured mind map will most likely lead to better understanding and organic application of knowledge in the exam setting.  More importantly, drawing comprehensive mind maps can be a time-consuming exercise, something that is unlikely to be completed when your child approaches teachers in school.

    It takes a patient private tutor to go through the details of the textbook and modify the structure of the maps to suit your child’s thinking in chemistry.

  • Having solved the mind map issue, your child is able to more effectively tackle another common problem encountered by the students of chemistry: memorization. We understand that the nature of the subject calls for greater memorization effort than many other subjects a student may be taking. But we do not equate learning chemistry o mere memorization. In fact, a substantial portion of the content requires understanding for effective learning, something a student may simply substitute for regurgitation that affects their performance in school. Chemistry as a science is fundamentally a discipline of logic, and having this realization is the first step to changing the habit of memorization and start approaching the subject critically and analytically, the same way your child may be studying for physics or mathematics.
    chemistry tuition

    chemistry tuition

  • However, if your child has developed the inappropriate learning habit for chemistry for a long time, it may be more difficult to change. Therefore it is highly desirable to have a home tutor who can spend focused time with your child and gradually improve your child’s learning style. The home tutor can explain the meaning behind the concepts. The home tutor can explain why certain matters must be of red color and why certain substances are insoluble in water. Students tend to spend unnecessarily large amount of time memorizing those facts, and get frustrated thinking chemistry is all about boring mechanical work. In fact, many students choose to memorize without understanding not because they do not possess the ability to understand, but simply because there is no immediate assistance when problems arise. Teachers may not always be available in school and consultation may not solve all the problems about details that constantly surface in a student’s learning. Therefore, they have to memorize as an alternative. We regret about such a situation and…

highly encourage you to request a home tutor to your child to fundamentally improve on his or her method of learning.

There are many other reasons why having a home tutor for chemistry is desirable. With a home tutor, your child can have more practices that make learning perfect. With a home tutor, your child will have greater motivation to learn when being guided by a personalized teacher. The benefits are varied and there are many more for you to discover. Sign up with Frankl Tuition for your child to experience quality learning at home and see quality grades on the exam report!

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