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Top 3 Mental Illnesses in Singapore

top 3 mental illness in singapore

Mental illness can seem like purgatory. It is filled with stigma and misunderstanding. When you, or someone you love, suffer from mental illness it doesn’t have to feel like a prison sentence. There is help for those diagnosed with mental illness. If your child is diagnosed as […]

Top 3 Learning Disabilities in Singapore

top 3 learning disabilities in singapore

Every parent wants the very best for their child. The best health care, the best schools, and the best opportunities in life. When your child has a learning disability, it can seem like a constant uphill battle to give the best opportunities in life for your precious […]

Comparison of Top 3 Secondary Schools in Singapore

comparison of top 3 secondary schools in singapore

Secondary school education is critical to a student’s upward mobility in their desired career path. While it might seem too early to know exactly what career a student who is about to leave primary school and enter secondary school would end up having, it is not too […]

Common Myths of Learning Disabilities

Common Myths of Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities are often very misunderstood, as are those who suffer from them. So often individuals are dubbed as unintelligent, dumb, or worse. Typically those with learning disabilities, especially the most common ones, are of regular intelligence who simply suffer from a misfiring of information as it […]

Primary School Ranking in Singapore for 2012

top primary school in singapore

The top Primary Schools in Singapore for 2012 can be ranked in many different ways, based on very different rating methods. Whereas Secondary Schools are ranked according to their PSLE score intake requirements, Primary Schools have yet to be officially ranked based on any standard scoring by […]

Bookstart For Your PreSchooler!

Bookstart For Your PreSchooler!

Whats Bookstart?  Bookstart is an organization and website that has recently celebrated 20 years of encouraging reading in our young. The program offers free books to all children at ‘key ages’ before they start school. Worldwide studies have shown that building a healthy love of reading advances […]

Did Ipad replace Toy Blocks?

Did Ipad replace Toy Blocks

Ipad as Baby Sitter? Who needs a babysitter today when you can just give your pre-schooler your iPad while you cook dinner or do your dreaded graduate school homework? More and more parents are turning to their iPads (or other tablet) to entertain their pre-school age children […]

Free Online Math Resources

free online maths resourses

Your child needs help with math. It’s been years since you’ve been in school and while you can help in the earliest years with ease, once it gets to the more advanced components, or possible geometry or algebra, your own eyes glaze over and you need help. […]

Montessori Education

Montessori Education

What is Montessori Education and How Does it Work? A Montessori education is considered to be the best method of teaching creative and discovery-based education processes the world over. Montessori educations are typically described to others as teaching that imparts a respect for natural childhood psychological development […]

How to motivate child to achieve better results?

How to motivate child to achieve better results

Your son is brilliant, or at least you think so. Why then does he consistently bring home C’s, and even a D or two. You know he’s intelligent, sharp, and bright. So is it laziness or does he potentially have a learning problem? These are the questions […]

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