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Introduction to Primary school Education in Singapore for parents  

Family and Education

Elementary or Primary Education forms the foundation for gaining basic knowledge. This is the stage where the child learns to interact with people and to the society as a whole. Elementary education can be compared to the first stride that a person takes in life, it is […]

Introduction to Secondary School Education in Singapore for Parents


Every parent wants the best for their children. They want to let their child experience the things they never had before. That’s how the term “overcompensation” came into existence and sometimes choosing the best things for the children can be taxing, tiring and confusing. It happens when […]

Should you use Educational Apps for your kids ?


What’s App kids?   According to Emily Bryan  in her recent article, mobile apps can actually have some educational benefits for children, but of course, like everything else, using apps requires proper guidance and moderation from parents. They should make an effort to talk to their child’s […]

What is the Optimal Time & duration for my Child to Learn?

Alarm Clock

Different aged children have different thresholds and capacity for learning and absorption. While you can certainly ‘force’ a child to sit down and learn at any time of any day, learning the pattern and flow of the best times for your child’s creative juices will enhance the […]

Why does a student need tuition?

Nothing is perfect As Singapore progresses into the next era, much emphasis has been placed on education to provide the population with the knowledge foundation for higher tier industries. As such, Singapore boasts an excellent education system, managed by the Ministry of Education (MOE). The MOE has […]

Free tuition in Singapore

jurong point tuition

Too good to be true? Are you worried about high tuition fee provided by some ‘elite’ tuition centers? Are you afraid that your child may have to run on their own steam and get left behind under the rising competition in school? Fret not. You may want […]

Haze in Singapore and how you can benefit from it ?

Haze: danger or opportunity? The recent haze in Singapore has caught the city-state off guard. While haze situation occurs almost every year, this one is unprecedented, with the IPS reading climbing as high as over 400 in the range of “hazardous”. The little red dot has turned […]

Cultivating Leadership Potential in children

My elder daughter has recently turned 5 years old. Her teachers have often commented that she is mature and a fast learner, who volunteers information whereas some of her counterparts are more reticent. In fact, most of her teachers think she is a bright kid. To be […]

MOE says Children should be encouraged to pursue dreams

children should be encouraged to pursue dreams by moe

Singapore dreams? The minister of education, Mr Heng Swee Keat made the remark in his speech at the opening of Montfort Secondary’s new campus that children should be encouraged to pursue their dreams no matter what these may be. ‘Pursuing one’s dream’ is not a traditional concept […]

Top 3 Primary Schools in Singapore

top 3 primary school in singapore

We previously compiled a list of the top 10 primary schools in Singapore based on criteria that is publicly available such as the MOE awards each Primary School has been awarded.  Using this method, and using research compiled and released by Edupoll, a list of top schools […]

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