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Introduction to Primary school Education in Singapore for parents  

Family and Education

Elementary or Primary Education forms the foundation for gaining basic knowledge. This is the stage where the child learns to interact with people and to the society as a whole. Elementary education can be compared to the first stride that a person takes in life, it is […]

Social Media Brotherhood and the precarious situation of youngsters

Social Network

The Article written by Daniel Tay  about Singaporean youths who use social media like  Facebook to recruit new members is not a shocker to the netizens all around the globe. We cannot deny that the social media has affected our lifestyles and the way we socialize and […]

Students Propose Ways for a Cleaner Singapore

Singapore values education

Campaigns to clean Singapore extends to students by calling them to give their ideas on how to keep Singapore clean, announced by education minister Heng Swee Keat during the 7th Teachers’ Conference. “Keep Singapore Clean Movement in Schools” was launched last June 3 as part of values […]

Top 10 Primary Schools in Singapore in 2013

Ranking of Primary Schools

With each of the primary schools performing really well in the past years, ranking them can be an uphill task. Noting that MOE only provides rankings for secondary schools, arguments have made rounds that primary schools must also be ranked to allow parents to make sound choices […]

Singapore Student Suicidal Rate Increases


Another celebrity retires residency in Singapore due to fear of increasing rate of student suicide in the country. The famous host of Asia’s Next Top Model (ASNTM), Nadya Hutagalung recently revealed on Twitter that the rise of student suicidal rate every year pushed her to leave Singapore […]

Singapore No.1 in PISA Problem Solving

Problem Solving Singapore

SINGAPORE – The last 2012 PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) test showed an impressive result of 15-year old students as they top the global assessment of problem solving skills. The other country which grabbed the top spot includes Korea. Students of both countries revealed an outstanding […]

More Singaporean Students Get to Go to Universities

Singapore Schools Add Places this 2014

Quality education in Singapore continues to skyrocket as the Ministry of Education plans to open up more university places this year bringing the number of places at the 6 universities which includes SIM University (UniSIM) and Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) to 14,000. This amazing plan is […]

Top Independent Schools in Singapore to Cut Funds

Cut Funds

Singapore’s leading independent schools along with mission schools had just recently trimmed down funds for reasons still unknown. The 6 top independent schools were also advised to moderate fund-raising activities for campus improvements. Along with the amendments on funding is the policy to install fans to minimize […]

South America to Incorporate Singapore’s Math

Math Singapore

More and more 1st to 4th grade students at Southern Cross School in Santiago, Chile are becoming more interested in Mathematics after their school introduced Singapore Math. Students seemed to accept the new Math lessons with enthusiasm as they start to participate and ask more questions according […]

A New JC in Bishan area in 2017


Bishan is once again in the limelight as the area welcomes a new junior college in 2017. The new school will be open for students from 3 Integrated Programme (IP) and will sit right at the junction of Sin Ming Avenue and Marymount Road. The plans to […]

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