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8 Tips to Excel in your first Tuition Assignment

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So, you passed all the requirements, test and interviews from the agency you are applying to be a tutor. What now? Where do you go after the recruitment? Do you just burst in your tutee’s house and teach? Maybe there’s a protocol for first day impression?…hmm Is […]

How to get a scholarship?

How to get a scholarship

Having a scholarship is always a ‘wow’ factor. A scholarship is not just a financial reward. More importantly, it is a recognition for the recipient’s holistic development that goes beyond academics. A scholar is a role model in some way or the other. That is why people […]

How to do well in exams ?

How to do well in exams

Taking exams seems to be a constant theme in your life as a student. Few students enjoy them, but almost all recognize their importance. Exam scores are essential for admission to higher institutions, to scholarship and job applications and probably more importantly, to your confidence and esteem […]

How to motivate child to achieve better results?

How to motivate child to achieve better results

Your son is brilliant, or at least you think so. Why then does he consistently bring home C’s, and even a D or two. You know he’s intelligent, sharp, and bright. So is it laziness or does he potentially have a learning problem? These are the questions […]

How to teach teenage child ?

How to teach teenage child

When Will My Teen Be Normal Again? It seems like your once precious angel has turned into an alien. You don’t recognize him anymore and he seems to always be in trouble. He talks back, stays out late, doesn’t answer your questions on where he’s been, and […]

How to prepare for comprehension?

How to prepare for comprehension

Gearing up for your Comprehension Tests: What to do and How to go about doing them!   Read widely! As the name of the section suggest, comprehension is about comprehension. In other words, it means comprehending (i.e. understanding) what you are reading, which means, making sense of […]

Comprehension Skills during exams

Comprehension Skills during exams

Part 2: Simple Tips that WILL save you during your Comprehension Paper! Always read the questions before reading the passage(s) Reading the questions, more often than not, would give you a better idea of the ‘overall package’ better than skimming through the passage once. Having a glimpse […]

How to ace Secondary Science ?

Secondary Science

Science is both empirical and abstract in its nature and study. Hence, an effective study of Science requires a balanced integration of both theory and application. Lower secondary Science is foundational, providing a general overview of the basic sciences. However, it is more specialised at upper secondary. […]

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