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NTU ranking: Its roots and what is the next step forward?

A young star on the rise It seems to be a trend among many nations that creating universities of global status has become an important task of higher education. Countries such as South Korea, China and Saudi Arabia are all boasting their young universities-tertiary institutions with less […]

Continuing Education and training: What is it and how it helps?

Living is learning The 2008 financial tsunami flooded the tiny nation Singapore where many people were swept out of jobs. The widespread retrenchment in Singapore highlights the vulnerability of the nation to external changes. Perhaps the workforce here has to be more adaptable than those of many […]

ITE students have better future

 Skills in a world of changes   There is no lack of news in the education sector in Singapore. Amid restructuring of curriculum of many educational institutions, the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) is also making its voice heard. Unlike other institutions, the ITE caters to the […]

Free tuition in Singapore

jurong point tuition

Too good to be true? Are you worried about high tuition fee provided by some ‘elite’ tuition centers? Are you afraid that your child may have to run on their own steam and get left behind under the rising competition in school? Fret not. You may want […]

Haze in Singapore and how you can benefit from it ?

Haze: danger or opportunity? The recent haze in Singapore has caught the city-state off guard. While haze situation occurs almost every year, this one is unprecedented, with the IPS reading climbing as high as over 400 in the range of “hazardous”. The little red dot has turned […]

Sex for grades

Say No to Sex in School The sex-for-grade scandal in NUS has finally settled, with the professor being sent to prison for nine months. His law teaching background made his transgression of educational codes of conduct a huge irony. With more and more reported incidents of sexual […]

Teachers in Singapore assessed not based on students’ grades

International recognition Singapore’s education today has received much praise and recognition internationally. Studies have shown that 98 percent of Singapore’s sixth-grade students achieve math standards more rigorous than the eighth-grade standards on the US National Assessment of Educational Progress Exam. It has also been observed that many […]

Cultivating Leadership Potential in children

My elder daughter has recently turned 5 years old. Her teachers have often commented that she is mature and a fast learner, who volunteers information whereas some of her counterparts are more reticent. In fact, most of her teachers think she is a bright kid. To be […]

Polytechnics Increase intake

polytechnic increase intake

Polytechnics: relevant and important After the secondary school education, Singapore students have to make a decision, probably the first major decision they are going to make in their lives. It’s a decision about where to go for further education: a junior college that leads to university, or […]

MOE says Children should be encouraged to pursue dreams

children should be encouraged to pursue dreams by moe

Singapore dreams? The minister of education, Mr Heng Swee Keat made the remark in his speech at the opening of Montfort Secondary’s new campus that children should be encouraged to pursue their dreams no matter what these may be. ‘Pursuing one’s dream’ is not a traditional concept […]

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