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If you open your child’s school bag, you may discover that the biology textbook your child is using is among the heaviest!

Biology TuitionFlipping through the pages, you may realize again that it is also among the most ‘wordy’ of all science textbooks. Because of the substantial content covered in the secondary school biology syllabus, it is not surprising that students complain that the subject is difficult. But our philosophy is that all students can be high achievers in the subjects of their choices, as long as they are given the appropriate help. If your child has voiced out a desire for further assistance or if you see in your child the potential for substantial improvement, you are on the right page. Please read on to find out more about the subject itself and how we can help your child improve its learning.

  • Firstly, we understand that learning biology is heavily reliant on verbal explanations. Students in secondary school are only expected to know qualitative theories and apply those theories to explain a phenomenon. A common problem faced by students is what we call information overload‘. A student will have to absorb much information, some rather minute, during each lesson. The mere amount of concepts that need to be grasped presents challenges to students.We believe that memorization should not begin until understanding is achieved. Having a home tutor by the side of your child can effectively aid the learning process. Biology has many detailed concepts that can be confusing to your child and your child may not be able to clarify all of them with school teachers, since doubts and problems will constantly arise. Our home tutor can spend one hour or two exclusive time with your child, so that your child will take the time to ask, ponder and discuss. We recognize that some effort of mechanical work to memorize is necessary, but such work must always be built on understanding. We do not want your child to rush to memorization first. Our tutor will help your child study biology like physics or mathematics for understanding, which makes memorization so much easier.

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  • Secondly, there are a set of answering techniques that a student needs to learn in order to score well. It is a widespread frustration among biology students that they can’t score well no matter how much they memorize. It is always a sad thing to see students giving up or dropping courses, not because they do not have the capability or attitude to do well, but because they do not recognize the importance of exam techniques.Our home tutor will help your child grasp the essential exam skills. Among many exam techniques, one that is most peculiar to biology is that scores are rewarded based on the key words or phrases a student writes in the answer. A student who can perfectly explain a phenomenon but does not use the key words emphasized in textbook does not score well. Our home tutor, having been through many exams, knows what are the requirement of marking schemes and can point out what are the key words missing from your child’s answer. Besides the skill for capturing key words, our home tutor can also teach your child how to do data interpretation question or long structured questions that both requirement certain skills to do well. Though school teachers will also teach those techniques, our home tutor will effectively reinforce the learning of those skills, until your child is so familiar with those skills that they become his or her second nature.
  • Lastly, a student has to manage the exam time efficiently. Time management is a big problem in biology. It is not uncommon to see an entire blank sheet for the last question, or just a few lines of scribbles for a heavy-weight problem. It is unwise to study hard yet not put what one has studies into the exam answers.Our home tutor will explore with your child how to manage your child’s time. We understand that the school usually has certain recommendation for the sequence of doing questions and the approximate time allocated to different questions. But we do believe that finding out the individual preference for time management is the key to completing a paper. The role of our tutor is to discover the perfect time management method for your child and check the suitability of such method using own experiences back in school. Our tutor will know your child’s habit and preferences the best, since the tutor is the one spending most time with your child doing biology problems. Your child may be stronger in certain questions and weaker in certain others. Your child may be intimidated by data interpretation question and it would be better for him or her to attempt essay questions first. Our tutor will also give more timely practices to your child so that they together will see what is the best time management method by trial and error.

We understand that learning biology takes a lot of work. It requires understanding, memorizing, and practicing. It may demand more work than many other subjects, so it is desirable to have a home tutor who can reduce your child’s workload by solving problems and offering tips and guidance. Ultimately your child may realize that learning biology is not that hard. We have confidence in each student, and we value your confidence in us. Sign up with Frankl for biology tuition now!

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