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About Frankl Tuition Services LLP

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FranklTuition.sg is authorised by Frankl Tuition Services LLP, a registered Tuition Agency based in Singapore, assigning reliable private tutors to students since year 2009.

It was first conceived as a result of a bad experience we had with the tuition service providers in Singapore. The lack of transparency and ethics in assigning of tutors was appalling and calls for the need for higher standards in the tuition industry in Singapore, given the ubiquity of home tuition among students here.

WE recognize that the role of home tutors is paramount in shaping a child’s future, with the significant amount of contact time spent with them every week. Hence, Frankl Tuition Agency does its best to ensure that tutor’s qualifications and background are verified before being deployed to client’s place. Tutors have to meet prerequisites in order to be registered in our database. On top of that,  we collaborate with top psychologists, counselors and life coaches in Singapore to provide regular advice and support to our tutors in being effective 1-to-1 educators for students.

Dr Viktor Frankl

If we take man as he should be, we make him capable of becoming of what he can be
– Viktor Frankl

Our tuition agency’s philosophy is inspired by renowned legendary psychiatrist and educator, Dr Viktor Frankl (1905-1997) who advocates that every human is self-determining and is capable of     achieving success in whatever he sets his mind on, if he finds the meaning behind that endeavor.     This process can be facilitated by someone who coaches, tutors and mentors the individual to      bring him to his fullest potential.

This underlines the philosophy that we subscribed to in carrying out our pivotal role as education    providers molding the future generation of our society, Singapore.

Education is much more than just imparting information in a group setting. Rather, it is about    allowing the student to be frank and true to himself.   It is also about having someone to personally    understand a student and to guide him towards the path of success.




To be the preferred choice of Tuition Agency in Singapore among all Parents, students and tutors.


Assigning reliable and qualified tutors to guide students appropriately on their way to academic success.

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