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8 Tips to Excel in your first Tuition Assignment

So, you passed all the requirements, test and interviews from the agency you are applying to be a tutor. What now? Where do you go after the recruitment? Do you just burst in your tutee’s house and teach? Maybe there’s a protocol for first day impression?…hmm Is there?:)

 These are the questions that will surface in your mind and that’s totally understandable, with all the excitement surging through your system and the proud moments that YOU, among the other applicants have been chosen by the agency as one of the tutors, I mean that’s huge. It’s your first step to financial independence. And in connection with your achievement, we created 8 steps to help you surive and excel your first tuition assignment.

1. Be punctual.

being on time

Be on time, not just on your first day, but every time you have a schedule. This will create an impression that you are serious about the job.

2. Prepare in advance by reading the syllabus.

You cannot go to war if you are not prepared for the battle. Same goes for teaching and tutoring, the class will ultimately fail if you are not ready with your teaching strategies and materials. The syllabus is your blueprint on the lessons that you will be teaching, the map that leads you and your tutee to success.

3. Communicate with Parents.

Always maintain constant communication between you and the student’s parent. Tell them of their child’s improvements, strengths and weaknesses. It’s also another way for the parents to really get to know their child better through YOU.

4. Dress to Impress.

No, you don’t have to wear a long evening gown or a tux. That’s not the impression that I’m implying. I mean, dress in a manner that exudes authority and demands respect. Children are visual creatures they will REALLY LOOK at you and the things that you are wearing might cause them distraction or even annoyance. Do not go to your tutee’s house all dressed in plain tee and shorts, that will create an impression that you are one happy-go-lucky-I-don’t-care-what-people-think-of-me kind of tutor which can de-motivate your tutee.

the way to dress

And because you are the teacher/tutor who is the main source of knowledge, so anything you say, do and wear will have a subtle effect on the child.

 So make sure you are dressed properly or at least make sure that you dress according to the occasion, dress in your semi-formal/formal attire. A polo blouse/tee paired with black pants is the safest.

 5. Always prepare Plan B. (Or C, or D or more)

Less is more is not applicable in tuition. You need to have extra/more activities tucked-in in your pocket to retain your student’s attention and interests. Extra learning activities and drills go a long way, especially if your tutee is a fast learner.

 6. Be Creative.

Break the monotony in tutoring. Instead of just giving papers and pencil test for their drills, go out, have fun and learn. If you are teaching Math, teach them how to count, subtract, divide by picking and counting pebbles or if you are teaching Science go out and look for amphibians, or ants. Show them that learning is fun and that it’s not only found in the four closed walls in the classroom, it’s all around us.

7. Set Limits.

Because we are humans, we cannot help but feel a connection with everyone. If you are one of the tutor who is teaching a very sweet and thoughtful student where you cannot help but feel close to him/her (because they remind you of your sweet sibling at home) you have to remind yourself to limit your emotion, because if you get carried away with their extreme level of cuteness you will end up babysitting while playing xbox with them.

8. Enjoy the Experience.

This is your first real job, though you will not get filthy rich in tuition, you will certainly gain memories, experiences, friends and colleagues.  Plus, you will get to socialize with people outside your comfort zone.  So enjoy the moment and be happy that you get to help nurture and influence a mind that can be the future CEO or a leader in our country.

kids playing

So there you go, the 8 steps to help boost your performance and impression in your first tuition job.  As long as you bear all these tips in mind, you will be fine and you might develop your own personal steps on how to further enhance your job to attract more parents/students.

So while you are prepping for the first job,  remember the words of Mahatma, Gandhi “No matter how insignificant the thing you have to do, do it as well as you can, give it as much of your care and attention as you would give to the thing you regard as most important. For it will be by those small things that you shall be judged.

Good luck. Spread the Knowledge, Learning and Inspiration.


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