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Does my kid really need tuition ?

JC tuition general_2

Private tuition: To do or not to do? What’s the best word to describe the sentiment of Singapore parents whose children are in school? Kiasu! The author may be guilty of generalization, though it would be very unlikely that a parent facing the pressure of the competitive […]

Financial Literacy for Kids under New Syllabus

Who is watching over your wallet?  Who is responsible for the 2008 financial crisis that brought the whole world into deep troubles? Banks that take excessive risks? Probably. Governments that impose insufficient regulations? Maybe. We as common people tend to point fingers at others, while forgetting that […]

Success Story #2 in Tuition Coordination

Getting the assignment There are various ways that parents or students can contact our agency as it is the policy of the agency to provide convenience and easy access for customers to communicate their request to our coordinators. This ranges from a short online form for customers […]

Success Story in Tuition Coordination

Job scope and challenges Tuition coordinator is the employee of a tuition agency that is put in charge of handling all tutor requests from parents or students who wishes to engage themselves a tutor. Being a tuition coordinator, there is bound to be challenges as we are […]

Why does a student need tuition?

Nothing is perfect As Singapore progresses into the next era, much emphasis has been placed on education to provide the population with the knowledge foundation for higher tier industries. As such, Singapore boasts an excellent education system, managed by the Ministry of Education (MOE). The MOE has […]

NTU ranking: Its roots and what is the next step forward?

A young star on the rise It seems to be a trend among many nations that creating universities of global status has become an important task of higher education. Countries such as South Korea, China and Saudi Arabia are all boasting their young universities-tertiary institutions with less […]

Continuing Education and training: What is it and how it helps?

Living is learning The 2008 financial tsunami flooded the tiny nation Singapore where many people were swept out of jobs. The widespread retrenchment in Singapore highlights the vulnerability of the nation to external changes. Perhaps the workforce here has to be more adaptable than those of many […]

ITE students have better future

 Skills in a world of changes   There is no lack of news in the education sector in Singapore. Amid restructuring of curriculum of many educational institutions, the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) is also making its voice heard. Unlike other institutions, the ITE caters to the […]

Free tuition in Singapore

jurong point tuition

Too good to be true? Are you worried about high tuition fee provided by some ‘elite’ tuition centers? Are you afraid that your child may have to run on their own steam and get left behind under the rising competition in school? Fret not. You may want […]

Haze in Singapore and how you can benefit from it ?

Haze: danger or opportunity? The recent haze in Singapore has caught the city-state off guard. While haze situation occurs almost every year, this one is unprecedented, with the IPS reading climbing as high as over 400 in the range of “hazardous”. The little red dot has turned […]

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