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Archive for October 2013

What to take note of in the tuition journey


  Parents as monitors It is generally a misconception that the quality of tuition depends only on the quality of the tutor and the attitude of the student. Many people seem to miss one important player: the parents. Parents are more than people who pay money. They […]

What to do when tuition begins


How to make the first step: things to do when tuition starts Applying for tuition for your child is not as simple as buying a textbook from the bookstore. It involves people. At the very least, it involves the tutor that you agree to take. That person […]

What to do when no amount of tuition works?


What to do now You may be asking yourself what in the world you should do now that you’ve already engaged several different tutors, each with different tutoring methods, but your child’s still not producing acceptable results at school. Should you explore more significant behavorial guidance such […]

Ecareer.sg – what is it and how it helps?


Career preparation: it’s never too early “I don’t know what to do!” This is a common complaint that we hear among graduates in Singapore. Though Singapore has one of the best education systems in the world, it still has much to do in preparing individual students for […]

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