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Archive for September 2013

How to effectively schedule tuition classes?


How to effectively schedule tuition classes? If you and your child have decided to have tuition, the next big question is how often should you have it? Having tuition lessons is like taking a medicine that remedies a problem. Though the medicine can be effective, it is not […]

Taking university courses during 2 years of NS


A paradox of study and the NS  “Two years of NS have made me dumb.” Many returning NS men on campus often make such a statement when they encounter academic challenges in university. Though often made as a joke, that comment reflects the popular perception of the […]

Arts education in Singapore


Arts education in Singapore: a pragmatic perspective The education system in Singapore is probably the best place to discover the stereotypes of Asians: smart, hard-working and always able to excel. However, when one looks beyond the education system into the workplace, such flattering labels may have disappeared. […]

PSLE score system overhaul

PSLE score

System Overhaul for PSLE Probably few initiatives can have greater impact on the education sector in Singapore than the announcement by PM Lee that the T-score grading system for the PSLE will be overhauled in the future. The PM does not use the word ‘change’ or ‘modify’, […]

What is the Optimal Time & duration for my Child to Learn?

Alarm Clock

Different aged children have different thresholds and capacity for learning and absorption. While you can certainly ‘force’ a child to sit down and learn at any time of any day, learning the pattern and flow of the best times for your child’s creative juices will enhance the […]

Should I choose a male or female tutor for my child?

Should I choose a male or female tutor for my child?

Do Men or Women Make Better Teachers  It’s an age old debate. Does a man or a woman make a better teacher? There’s no arguing that there are different styles between how a man teaches and how a woman teaches. Obviously in any comparison situation there are […]

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