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Archive for August 2013

What kind of tutor should I opt for?

What kind of tutor should I opt for?

A market of tutors: how to choose wisely? If you go to any tuition agency website, you will find a whole range of different types of tutors available. They charge different rates according to their backgrounds, credentials and the levels they are teaching. If you read through a […]

How to get my child to cooperate to tuition?

How to get my child to cooperate to tuition?

Not everything can be bought by money Are you considering finding a tutor for your child? Are you afraid that your child may not appreciate a private tuition despite your good intention? Given the growing tuition industry in Singapore, it is much easier to find a tutor […]

PE lessons to teach values

PE lessons to teach values

More than just sports   If you think that Physical Education lessons is just a moment for students to practice for NAPFA test, exercise one’s body or enjoy a good game, you may be surprised at the recent changes launched by the Singapore Sports Council in primary and […]

How to get a private tutor for my child ?

Identifying the Problem

Are you planning to get your child a tutor? Are you wondering how to get the most suitable tutor for your child? Or are you confused about the massive amount of tuition information that constantly bombards you as a parent? We understand your situation, as the competition […]

Does my kid really need tuition ?

JC tuition general_2

Private tuition: To do or not to do? What’s the best word to describe the sentiment of Singapore parents whose children are in school? Kiasu! The author may be guilty of generalization, though it would be very unlikely that a parent facing the pressure of the competitive […]

Financial Literacy for Kids under New Syllabus

Who is watching over your wallet?  Who is responsible for the 2008 financial crisis that brought the whole world into deep troubles? Banks that take excessive risks? Probably. Governments that impose insufficient regulations? Maybe. We as common people tend to point fingers at others, while forgetting that […]

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