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Archive for January 2013

Character Award Introduced by MOE in Singapore

Character Award Introduced by MOE in Singapore

Awarding students for their Character: A boon and a bane, all at the same time Trying to ‘up’ the level of character of students in a school has always been a business only amongst the administrative and teaching staff simply because most students do not allow the […]

Does Formal Education prepare us for our job?

Graduating students

“What is the meaning of education? What exactly is education for ?” This is a question that my friend posed to me recently. Having slogged through the education system for over 15 years, I was surprised to be stumped by these questions. To think that none of […]

Why you have to start educating your child from young?

Why is it important for your child to have the right mindset from young? Why is it imperative for us to really pay much care and attention during the early growing up phase of a child ? This is because; a large number of our notions and […]

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