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Singaporean students Bags the Top 5 Place in the Last PISA Exam

It’s a great honor for Education Minister Heng Swee Keat to announce that the current PISA or Programme for International Student Assessment was a success for Singaporean students, having ranked among the top 5 highest scorers from 510,000 examinees all over the world. Mr. Heng is so […]

Recrafting of PSLE questions to promote learning


As part of the continuing effort to further improve the education system in Singapore, PSLE or Primary Six Leaving Examination was revised to further challenge students to show what they have learned. The minor alteration was made public by Education Minister Heng Swee Keat in his Facebook […]

Ministry of Education promotes applied and lifelong learning

In early November 2013, Singapore’s Education Minister Heng Swee Keat stressed the importance of applied and lifelong learning. And he added that in the years to come, Singapore’s education system will undergo a radical transformation, whereby students will not only acquire knowledge and skills in schools but […]

Tasks and Responsibilities of Tutors


If you are exploring a career in tutoring, there are many things to be aware of before embarking down this journey. One of these is all of the various tasks and responsibilities that a tutor has, in addition to just helping a student learn subject material. A […]

MOE provides support for teachers


The development of a country is intrinsically linked to the educational attainment of its citizens, which is why it is important for governments to invest in educational institutes and provide ample support to teachers. And this is exactly what the Singapore government, through the Ministry of Education […]

More top students opting for tuition


A different kind of tuition Referring to this news article, more top students are opting for tuition When we think of tuition, the picture of a student grappling with a difficult subject will come into our mind. It is hard to imagine a student who embraces extra […]

What to take note of in the tuition journey


  Parents as monitors It is generally a misconception that the quality of tuition depends only on the quality of the tutor and the attitude of the student. Many people seem to miss one important player: the parents. Parents are more than people who pay money. They […]

What to do when tuition begins


How to make the first step: things to do when tuition starts Applying for tuition for your child is not as simple as buying a textbook from the bookstore. It involves people. At the very least, it involves the tutor that you agree to take. That person […]

What to do when no amount of tuition works?


What to do now You may be asking yourself what in the world you should do now that you’ve already engaged several different tutors, each with different tutoring methods, but your child’s still not producing acceptable results at school. Should you explore more significant behavorial guidance such […]

Ecareer.sg – what is it and how it helps?


Career preparation: it’s never too early “I don’t know what to do!” This is a common complaint that we hear among graduates in Singapore. Though Singapore has one of the best education systems in the world, it still has much to do in preparing individual students for […]

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