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How to motivate child to achieve better results?

How to motivate child to achieve better results

Your son is brilliant, or at least you think so. Why then does he consistently bring home C’s, and even a D or two. You know he’s intelligent, sharp, and bright. So is it laziness or does he potentially have a learning problem? These are the questions […]

How to teach teenage child ?

How to teach teenage child

When Will My Teen Be Normal Again? It seems like your once precious angel has turned into an alien. You don’t recognize him anymore and he seems to always be in trouble. He talks back, stays out late, doesn’t answer your questions on where he’s been, and […]

Exam Results is important ?

Exam Results is important

Exam Results as an Indicator of Future Success   There is a direct correlation between your future success and your performance in school. Research shows that exam results, overall grades, and dedication to your school work are indicative of one’s success, or failure, in their professional career […]

Why you have to start educating your child from young?

young child education

Why is it important for your child to have the right mindset from young? Why is it imperative for us to really pay much care and attention during the early growing up phase of a child ? This is because; a large number of our notions and […]

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