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MOE says Children should be encouraged to pursue dreams

children should be encouraged to pursue dreams by moe

Singapore dreams? The minister of education, Mr Heng Swee Keat made the remark in his speech at the opening of Montfort Secondary’s new campus that children should be encouraged to pursue their dreams no matter what these may be. ‘Pursuing one’s dream’ is not a traditional concept […]

Primary School Ranking in Singapore for 2012

top primary school in singapore

The top Primary Schools in Singapore for 2012 can be ranked in many different ways, based on very different rating methods. Whereas Secondary Schools are ranked according to their PSLE score intake requirements, Primary Schools have yet to be officially ranked based on any standard scoring by […]

Tertiary Tuition Fee Hike in Singapore

Tertiary Tuition Fee Hike in Singapore

A more expensive Singapore, a more expensive university education   Whats all the buzz about ? At a time when voices critical of many government policies are on the rise, the recent announcement for increasing university tuition fees for the next academic year only adds to people’s […]

Family Life Education Programmes

Family life education program

Educating families educates a nation Family matters. Family is the building block of the society. A good family environment is important to the well-being of each family member, who sees each other as sources of joy during happy moments and sources of support during difficult times. But […]

NUS offer free online courses

NUS offer free online courses

With the recent buzz on NUS offering free online courses on the internet , we shall explore the pros and cons of such a move. Universities going online? Good or bad? University going online has become a major change in the higher education sector around the world […]

Secondary School Ranking in Singapore

top secondary schools in singapore

Secondary School Ranking in Singapore (2012) The 2012 rankings are out for secondary schools in Singapore. These rankings are derived from the PSLE intake results for secondary 1 Express students. Entry into a school’s express stream is based on the minimum cut-off points. It is this information that […]

More Singaporeans Completing Secondary Education

More Singaporeans Completing Secondary Education

It has been observed that more Singaporeans are completing secondary school education, where it was 96% 10 years ago, i t is more than 99% of Singaporeans today based on the new report by Channel news Asia on more Singaporeans completing secondary school education. In this article, […]

N Level Through Train Program

N Level Through Train Program

A few weeks ago, the Ministry of Education introduced the N level Through Train Program, allowing top N-level students to skip their secondary five and enter directly into a polytechnic to further their study. The opportunity of going to polytechnics without taking the competitive O-level examinations is […]

Kindergarten Curriculum Framework


In February 2013, the Ministry of Education launched the newly revised Kindergarten Curriculum Framework, a more detailed guideline on pre-school education. The move by the government reflects a growing concern for the effectiveness of pre-school education. Hence, the new guideline has received favorable response from the public […]

Character Development in Schools

Character Development in Schools

Last year, the Ministry of Education introduced “Values in Action”, a program inculcating values and leadership through community involvement among students. Many schools followed suit. The Temasek Polytechnic, for example, introduced Youthmax, a curriculum targeting at youth between 14 to 18 years old. The changes in education […]

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