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Out of 100 students surveyed across all levels from primary to secondary school, 97 of them have some form of tuition and a staggering 49 of them engage in HOME TUITION. In this current market flooded with questionable people claiming to be private tutors, You CAN have an edge over your peers IF you engage a proven tutor from a leading established tuition agency.
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Maths tuition

Maths Tuition

Mathematics is widely considered a life skill which allows students to exercise their logical thinking and problem solving facility, knowledge that will allow kids to achieve success in their career in the future. A maths, e maths, psle maths and h2 maths are the various types of math being covered in the different stage of the academic journey. Read more
Primary Secondary Junior College
Chinese tuition

Chinese Tuition

Contrary to popular beliefs, our mother tongue subject is still highly regarded in our education curriculum. Chinese, tamil and Malay are mandatory subjects in primary and secondary schools. What makes a student score an excellent grade for their mother tongue is started by an interest in culture. Read more

Pre-school Primary Secondary Junior College 1-to-1 Adult
English Tuition

English Tuition

The proliferation of the internet and cellphone resulted in overall deterioration in our English standards, due to birth of SMS language and Singlish. Reading and Writing decently are communications skills which are important in not only PSLE & O level English and General Paper(GP) category, but also work life. Read more
PrimarySecondary Junior College
Econs tuition

Economics Tuition

When you flip through the newspapers, you will be bombarded by news talking about the property prices of a region or the budget deficit of a government. Indeed, economics is a powerful subject that has been applied in many aspects of our lives. Read more
Junior College University
Physics tuition

Physics Tuition

To some students, physics is boring and hard to understand. It is even harder to score despite hours of revision put in by the students. While we understand the frustration of not doing well, we do not believe there is a category of students who are more suitable to learning physics than others. Read more
Biology tuition

Biology Tuition

Flipping through the pages, you may realize again that it is also among the most ‘wordy’ of all science textbooks. Because of the substantial content covered in the secondary school biology syllabus, it is not surprising that students complain that the subject is difficult. While It is true that Biology involves getting acquainted with many terminologies you have not seen in your life time.. Read more

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PreSchool Tuition

Young minds are malleable and easy to mould. Now is the best time to cultivate habits of excellence for pre-schoolers so they will have an edge over peers when they enter school.
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Primary School Tuition

Just beginning formal education, your child may not be coping well with the primary school syllabus. A home tutor ensures that he internalizes what he has learnt in school.
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Secondary School Tuition

New subjects and new skillsets to pick up, coupled with new CCAs in school. Secondary school period can be daunting. Find out how our tutors can help.
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JC Tuition

With a short 2 years only, JC students have no time to waste on changing home tutors one afer another. Frankl Tuition ensures that you get it right the first time.
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IB Tuition

There is rising popularity in IB program in Singapore due to its holistic development opportunity in preparing kids for challenges of new era. Our tutors are well-equipped to bring you to a higher level.
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"… Mrs Chang, your tuition coordinator, amazes me with her efficiency in her search for my son’s tutor ...

- Mdm Wong

"… Ms Foo has been teaching my child Maths and Science since Primary 5, she’s now in Secondary 2. Ms Foo is enthusiastic and optimistic in her teaching, as well as being an encouraging influence to those around them...

- Mrs Lee

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Why choose Frankl Tuition Agency?

Frankl Tuition

1. Fast Response - Guaranteed response time within 24hours upon request.
2. Affordable Rates - Premium home tuition services according to Market Rates.
3. Tutor Pool - Huge database of 500 over private home tutors.
4. Tutor Quality - Tutor's credentials are verified before being assigned.
5. Results Proven - Tutors with favorable recommendation are retained and assigned.
6. Client Oriented - Flexibility in deciding preferred timing, days and frequency of tuition sessions.

  • We are a registered tuition agency business in Singapore that strives towards top service and higher code of professionalism.
  • Support team of trained psychologists, coaches and counselors accessible for all tutors and clients.
  • Free Access to tips, videos and articles on parenting, learning and the developments in education scene in Singapore
  • You can opt for us to arrange for a phone interview and a paid trial lesson with the tutor to aid your decision-making. We are determined to help you find the best-fit tutor for the long term
  • We provide hassle-free tutor matching services by shortlisting the suitable tutor(s) for you, instead of you doing it yourself and saving you the trouble!

TOP 3 Reasons why do we need a home tuition?

Fact #1 - Students only retained less than 25% of what is taught in school. The knowledge further dilutes if we do not revisit and recap the teaching points at home, plunging to an even lower 10% balance.

Fact #2 - Time outside school is found to be spent habitually on Facebook, the number 1 time consuming activity undertaken by youngsters, amongst many other activities.

Fact #3 - In addition, it is almost impossible today for parents to guide and check children in their schoolwork with the rapidly- changing syllabus that is getting increasingly tough. Not to mention that we parents are working and can barely spare the time.

That is why professionals are essential for a student’s growth and improvements, providing one-to-one coaching and tutoring to tailor to his progress and to reinforce main concepts taught in classes. Importantly, reliable home tutors ensure that students’ time is well spent productively on academic work. Given the short attention span and unclear priorities, it is improbable that active kids can effectively stay at their desk for an hour without good company of an experienced educator.

Not only that! Personal touch, beyond mere bombarding of information is an aspect that has to be taken into account in our children’s educational experience these days. They need someone who understands them in order to ignite their curiosity and flourish as a great student and person. We believe that each and every child has the potential to shine if they can find meaning behind what they do. And it is inculcated only through personalized feedback, tutoring and coaching, not mass communication is a classroom setting.

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